Princess Gwen

Everyone can be royalty!

My journey with the Samuel Peaches Peripatetic Players began on a clear, blue morning a few summers ago. As I was walking through the forest with my best friend Jay Robinson, I heard wonderful music coming through the trees! I followed this beautiful melody and I stumbled upon the Flux Wagon! Boy, was Fluxxie a wonderful sight after my trek through the forest!

Once Samuel accepted me into the Players (maybe it had something to do with the fact that  a) I can skin a wild boar in under seven seconds, b) I had a bag of gold, c) I can talk to birds), or d) I may have vampiric heritage, my life changed for the better!

It has truly been delightful to travel and perform with the Players — I feel so lucky to tell these tales to all of the wonderful people we meet.

Anyway, thank you all for coming on the lovely adventure with Jay Robinson and myself! I can’t wait for you all to join us one sunny weekend!

spppssw17 - serena morelli (25).jpg


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