Solidarity Statement

In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist.

Angela Davis

To our audiences, friends and communities:

We’re usually silly, but right now we need to be serious.

Together with our Black ensemble members, audience members, and community, we mourn the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, and far too many other Black Americans.

Their deaths are horrific evidence of the systematic violence against Black people that has persisted in our country for over 400 years, and continues today. We condemn the racism and white supremacy that are at the root of these tragedies, and we stand in solidarity with our Black friends and neighbors to demand change. 

Black Lives Matter.

We must all take action to dismantle racism and white supremacy. Those of us who are not Black need to step up more than we have in the past. We call on our community to join us in fighting racism today, and every day. We call on you to hold us and one another accountable to continue this work, no matter what headlines are trending. Together with the leadership of Black activists and community members, we can and must end racism within ourselves, our ensemble, and our society, so that we all may live lives that are joyful, connected, and safe. 

Below, we share some of the resources that we have found most urgent and useful, particularly for Bay Area families. These resources offer ways to take immediate action to change racist policies, and for ongoing education, reflection and action to transform our communities and our relationships toward liberation and equity for all people.

In solidarity,

The Peripatetic Players:
Sam Bertken, Joan Howard, Rebecca Longworth, Casey Robbins, Leigh Rondon-Davis, Soren Santos, Kenny Scott & Marlene Yarosh

Anti-Racist Resources & Black Self-Care

We’ll update this list periodically with the resources we’re finding most helpful, so do check back — and of course, this list is not exhaustive!

Take immediate action to demand justice in the wake of recent murders, and continue to take anti-racist action regularly.

These Bay Area organizations list ways to self-educate, self-reflect, support Black-owned businesses and Black-led organizations, and take immediate political action:

Talk to folks in your life — especially kids — about race.

Support Bay Area Black-led organizations fighting racism in our communities

Consider making recurring monthly donations as a means of ongoing commitment. There are many more worthy and hardworking organizations than are listed here — we urge you to read the Policy Platforms articulated by Movement 4 Black Lives and find other ways to take action in your community:

Self-care and safety for our Black community

Compiled by Leigh Rondon-Davis:

Rebecca and Joan, the artistic directors of our parent organization, Idiot String, are also examining how they as individuals can implement anti-racist practices and bring them to Idiot String’s broader artistic work. They share a short list of those resources and actions at Idiot String’s website.

This page exists not only to state our beliefs and to provide resources, but to invite our community into anti-racist conversation and action, to serve as a measure of whether we are living up to our commitments, and as a enduring guide to our ensemble.

We invite you to contact us with your thoughts, ideas, and questions: