Shiver We Timbers! (2018)

A Peripatetic Pick-Ye-Own Pirate Adventure

July 7 – August 12 2018


Samuel Peaches [Casey Robbins]
as Captain Peaches, Lord Governor Trelawney, and a Mermaid (on occasion)

Princess Gwen [Marlene Yarosh]
as First Mate Princess Gwen, Lady A.M. Blackhat, and (sometimes) a Crab, a Sea-Witch, and/or the Ghost of Penelope Pandulce Potrero, Pirate Princess of Pangea

Guy Hank [Paul Collins]
as Pirate Guy, Captain Long Johns Danpier, and a Mer-Guy (on occasion)

Thumper [Joan Howard]
as Pirate Thumper, Baddie Henchpirate, the Kraken, and a Mermaid (on occasion)

Meekins [Sam Bertken]
as Pirate Meekins and Bloody Lancaster

and special guest star, Madame D. [Rebecca Longworth]
as Pirate Madame D and Madame Derange


Created by Rebecca Longworth and the Ensemble
Directed by Rebecca Longworth
Musical Direction by Casey Robbins
Scenic and Stage Design by Joan Howard
Scenic Painting by Megan Hillard
Costumes by Addie McDowell


San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department
City of Berkeley Parks, Recreation & Waterfront


City of Oakland Department of Parks, Recreation & Youth Development
Santa Clara City Library
Alameda Recreation & Parks Department
Niles Main Street Association
Alameda County Library Foundation
The City of Pleasanton
Port Costa Conservation Society
Alameda County Arts Commission

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Evil Pirates aboard their evil pirate ship: Guy Hank (Paul Collins) as Captain Long Johns Danpier, Samuel Peaches (Casey Robbins) as Lord Trelawney, Meekins (Sam Bertken) as Bloody Lancaster and Princess Gwen (Marlene Yarosh) as Lady Blackhat. Photo by Soren Santos.
Peripatetic Pirates bravely attempt to weigh the anchor. From left: Madame D (Rebecca Longworth), Samuel Peaches (Casey Robbins), Meekins (Sam Bertken), Guy Hank (Paul Collins), Thumper (Joan Howard) and Princess Gwen (Marlene Yarosh). Photo by Soren Santos.
Lord Trelawney (Casey Robbins as Samuel Peaches) attacked by The Kraken (Joan Howard as Thumper). Photo by Soren Santos
SWT 2018 - Meanwhile
Princess Gwen as Lady Blackhat and Thumper as Baddie Henchpirate aboard the evil pirate ship. Photo by Tim Guydish, at Glen Canyon Park, San Francisco.
37282169_10217458520840418_8355694145192329216_o - Copy
Thumper as the Kraken at Glen Canyon Park, San Francisco. Photo by Tim Guydish.
37303152_10217458399837393_2705013077815853056_o - Copy
Princess Gwen as the evil Lady Blackhat, about to climb aboard the Good Ship Peripatetic. Photo by Tim Guydish.
Thumper as the Kraken attacks the evil Lady Blackhat, played by Princess Gwen. Photo by Tim Guydish.
A sea storm hits the Good Ship Peripatetic! (From left: Princess Gwen (Marlene Yarosh), Guy Hank (Paul Collins), Thumper (Joan Howard) and Meekins (Sam Bertken). Photo by Soren Santos.
Meekins (Sam Bertken), Madame D. (Rebecca Longworth), Thumper (Joan Howard), Guy Hank (Paul Collins) and Princess Gwen (Marlene Yarosh) consult a treasure map. Photo by Soren Santos.
The Peripatetic Pirates struggle to reach the end of their quest. Photo by Tim Guydish at Glen Canyon Park.
Shiver We Timbers! poster art. Illustration by Sam Bertken.