The Peripatetic Players

The Samuel Peaches Peripatetic Players are an eccentric troupe of itinerant thespians who make a habit of intrepidly touring parks and public spaces in the Bay Area and Points West with FluxWagon, their folding mobile stage. Read all about the Players’ history here.

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He is not only meek, but also strong.


Samuel Peaches’s older younger sister.

Guy Hank

What is an auto-mechanic from Georgia, California doing here?

Madame Directrix

Samuel lets her believe she’s the brains behind the operation, not just the bankroll.

History of SPPP

Samuel Peaches’ Peripatetic Players arrived in the Bay Area in Fall, 2013, with a trunkload of tall tales of world travel. Since then they have performed at theatres, schools, parks, and public spaces around the Bay Area, usually aboard FluxWagon, their folding mobile stage.