Donors — Thank You!

Our deepest gratitude goes to all of our generous donors whose support allows us to offer fun-filled theatre for audiences of all ages, free of charge, in Bay Area parks and public spaces!

You can join this illustrious list by making a donation today.

Thanks also to every audience member who has put their dollars and change in our buckets, and to our venue hosts, sponsors & partners!

2018 Donors

Honey Ajero
aaron almanza
Anthony Averson
Lewis Bad
Laurie Beauchemin
Sam Bertken
Deborah Burkman
Arturo Catricala
Isaac Crane
George Doeltz
Linda Dugoni
Deborah Eliezer Adabachi
Paul Evans
mishone feigin
Sean Fruth
Donna Fujita
Hannah Gaff
Natalie Greene
Ridge Greene
Tim Guydish
Jordan Hall
Ezra Herzog
Megan Hillard
Kristine Holst
Tanya Honig
Jane Howard
Robert Howard
Vyshaali Jagadeesan
Angela Klar
Mike And Jamie LaBo
Judy and Ron Longworth
Carl Lucania
Kristen Matia
Miche Maurer
David Miller
Tonya Narvaez
Sharon Petty
Patrice Robbins
Eric Rubin
Joaquin, Reece, Clem, and Zeb Santos
Soren Santos
Anna Schneiderman
Jenese Sieben
Nichole Simpson
Claire Slattery
Samuel Spurrier
Erin Stallings
Diane Stewart
Mary Tarvis
Carmen Torres
Ross Travis
Christina Velasco
Wolfgang Wachalovsky
Lynda Helen Weir
Caroline Williams
Indiia Wilmott
Louise Yarnall
Marlene Yarosh

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