Donors — Thank You!

Our deepest gratitude goes to all of our generous donors whose support allows us to offer Aesop Amuck free of charge in parks and public spaces throughout the Bay Area. As the Lion learns, generosity is never wasted. You can join this list by pledging your support on Kickstarter. Thanks also to our hosts & partners!


Charles Belov

David L Boggeman

Roberta D’Alois

Ed Decker

Ron Dritz

Gary Fish

Ifigenia Gonis

Jordan Hall

Steve & Brenda Hanson

Jane Howard

Melanie Kibbler

Maria Leigh

Judith & Ronald Longworth

Ron Longworth

Michelle Maurer

Rebecca Marko

Aaron Murphy

Catherine Nueva Espana

Joel Petty

Maggie Pickavance

Becky Raeta

Vanessa Ramos

Thomas Reilly

Matt Robinson

Megan Ruble

Soren Santos

Bob Scott

Kimberly Nichole Simpson

David Sky

Claire Slattery


Elizabeth Spreen

Erin Stallings

Elissa Stebbins

Lewis & Dee Stewart

James Sundquist


Bobb Talks

Mary Tarvis

Gordon Thornburg

Mary Lou Torre

Ross Travis

Jody Wagner

Maryssa Wanlass

Justin Willow



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