F.A.Q. and What To Expect

What should I expect?

Why, expect the unexpected, of course! Step right up, friends and neighbors, mice and meese, Capulets and Montagues, droids and aliens, good pirates and bad pirates, Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves, and humans of all kinds! The Peripatetic Players present, for your entertainment and edification, a spectacular show in the open air. Our ensemble productions feature fantastical feats of theatricality, imaginative leaps (only after looking), marvelous moralities, and ever-so-catchy sing-songs.

Where and when are the performances?

We perform outdoors in local parks and public areas. Have a look at our Tour Schedule here — it’ll tell you dates and times and everything.

Outdoors, like in the weather?

Yes. It’s wise to bring some sun protection, like a hat and sunscreen, and a bottle of water. For San Francisco performances, you may also want to pack a cozy parka. If it rains lightly, we’ll keep going… but heavy rains can make it unsafe for the actors to continue. If we have to cancel the performance because of rain, we hope you’ll be able to see us at another location.

Do you have chairs?

Not usually! You’re welcome to bring your own camp chair, cushion, or blanket. We ask those with higher chairs to sit further from the stage, and those with blankets or low chairs to sit closer so that everyone can see.

Do I need a ticket?

Not usually! Most shows are free to the public. Some are special events, and if tickets are required, it’ll say so on the Tour Schedule. But every show is rather expensive for us to produce, so please consider making a donation. We also have VIP Packages for donors who would like some extra perks, like a special seating area, fun swag, and Peripatetic adulation. Contact our Head Honcho, IdiotString@gmail.com for more info about VIP Packages.

How long is the performance?

We expect our shows to last about an hour. Arrive a little early to stake out your spot and say hello to the Players; arrive late if you must; and feel free to leave any time — we understand that some kiddos can be ready to do something new at any moment. If you just happen to be passing by and see the show underway, never fear! you’re welcome to join us partway through.

What ages will enjoy the show?

We think everyone will! Younger tots will like the physical acting and elementary schoolers will love the silly jokes, while middle schoolers will enjoy the way the ensemble interacts with the audience and use ingenious props to tell the stories. High-school-aged kids and adults can indulge their inner children and catch on to some of the more obscure jokes and references.

May I take photos or video?

You may! Please keep these guidelines in mind while taking photos or video:

  • Be courteous of others: do not obstruct the view of other audience members, or hinder the movement of the actors.
  • Follow instructions given by members of the troupe quickly and without question. These instructions are given for your safety and for the safety of the performers.
  • Tag us in anything you post online, as a means of crediting the performers and production. You can find us by searching Facebook, or @peripateticplayers on Instagram and @PeripateticPlay on Twitter.

Remember, live theatre is wonderful because it is live! Please enjoy most of the show without a screen between you and your experience.

What is FluxWagon?

FluxWagon is our mobile stage, who often joins us on tour. Fluxie looks like a circus wagon, at first… until just before showtime! Arrive at the performance site early to watch the ensemble transform FluxWagon into our stage. Check out our FluxWagon blog posts for more info.

Have you done this kind of thing before?

As a matter of fact, we have! We’ve even won a couple of awards. Read more about our history here. Each ensemble member has their own history of performance, training, and/or narrowly escaping schools of man-eating fish… You can read more about each Player member on our credits page.

Are the Peripatetic Players real? Who is behind all this?

The Peripatetic Players are as real as the end of my nose! The ensemble was created by Idiot String, and our Bay Area tours are made possible by lots of site hosts and partners!

Still have questions, or want to say “hello”?

Drop us a line at IdiotString@gmail.com. We would love to hear from you! You can also “like” us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter (@PeripateticPlay) and Instagram (@peripateticplayers). Please tag us when you post your selfies and photos from the shows!