Get Ready to Roam Middle Earth… Peripatetically!

The Peripatetic Players are back this Summer for six performances only with a new adaptation, A Lord Of A Ring In A Suitcase, August 17-25, 2019.

But this isn’t the first time the Players have tackled Tolkien’s epic tale! In early 2018, Samuel tried his hand as an artiste in a new medium, the silver screen… and the Players bravely filmed several scenes of The Fellowship Of The Ring starring Princess Gwen as Frodo, Guy Hank as Gandalf, Madame Directrix as both Merry and Pippin, Mr. Peaches as Samwise Gamgee, and Thumper and Meekins as two terrifying Ringwraiths. Percival Perkins made a detailed shotlist and kept the shoot running on schedule.

Have a look at some of the film stills here, and join the Players in Santa Clara, Oakland, Alameda, or Port Costa this summer!

Samuel Peaches is nearly as brilliant a film director as he is a stage director, as evidenced here by his groundbreaking use of perspective to make the Hobbits appear smaller than the Ringwraiths.
Thumper also played Bilbo, pictured here on his eleventy-first birthday as Gandalf (Guy Hank) gives a thumbs-up.
The dianoga from Shakespeare or Space Wars had a guest appearance as the Eye of Sauron.
In this dramatic scene, Gandalf fails to notice the similarities between the names “Sauron” and “Saruman.”

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