Peripatetic Illustrations

Hi friends!

Today we’re bringing you some treats from our resident illustrator, Mr. Meekins’ very good friend, Sam Bertken. Sam has been making illustrations for our shows since the very first one, O Best Beloved, before the Peripatetic Players even knew how to peripatet.

For O Best Beloved (2013), Sam drew each of the animals who starred in the stories:

Aesop Amuck (2015) also featured some animal stars:


And this year, he’s drawn the pirate Players mid-adventure aboard their ship! Click the image to download a coloring page of your very own!


…here’s how we colored it in for our poster!

Pirate Poster Illustration RGB

There are just FOUR MORE PERFORMANCES of Shiver We Timbersclick here to see the full schedule!

Aesop Amuck is Open!

The Peripatetic Players opened Aesop Amuck this past weekend with shows at DeFremery Park in Oakland and the Noe Valley Town Square in San Francisco. Next stops: Hayward at 1pm on August 8 and Glen Park, SF at 2pm on August 9. Here’s our full schedule of performances… and you can help keep us going by donating to our Kickstarter campaign! And now — pics from the show!