Character Profile: Frogs!!!

Illustration by Sam Bertken

How did this frog get so big? Through her own folly, I’m afraid…

She’s from The Frogs and the Ox, and she’s trying to make herself as big as an ox. It doesn’t turn out well.

In fact, the frogs always seem to be coming up with bad ideas… Like, for instance, in The Frogs Who Wished for a King or The Frog and the Mouse. Unlike the mice, who come up with bad ideas after a lot of thought and deliberation in their mouse councils, the frogs just don’t seem to think things through. Naturally, this leads to plenty of mishaps for the frogs.

The frogs are also scared of everything, perhaps with good reason considering all the misfortune that befalls them. They run for their lives in The Hares and the Frogs and The Boys and the Frogs.

What with all that running in fear and being prone to mishaps, we see some great opportunities for slapstick. That might be why the Frog sections of Aesop Amuck are some of the most hilarious to rehearse.

Here’s a little taste of our rehearsal shenanigans

Rehearsal Report #1!

Hi Everyone!  Marlene (Princess Gwen) reporting in here.

In t-minus 2.5 hours we will be having our first full rehearsal with the full company, and I couldn’t be more excited! The energy with the troupe is so amazing, and to finally have everyone present is going to super stupendous.

So far we’ve been working on a skeleton outline of what Aesop Amuck is going to look like, and how each fable will flow into the other. We’ve also been exploring more moments for audience interaction and games, and I can tell that one game is going to — well…. you’ll just have to come and see the show to find out!

Lastly, if you want an inside peak into my brain, I’ve created a Pandora shuffle station between “Hot Club Jazz” (listen to some Django Reinhardt) and “Bluegrass”-eqsue (O Brother, Where Art Thou?, anyone?) — it helps to put me in my groove!

Well, I have to keep getting ready for today’s rehearsal — Au revoir!

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PPS. Here is a picture of Princess Gwen playing around as the Country Mouse (from my own Instagram):