Percival P. Perkins

What does that second P stand for?!

Percival Perkins is a learned gentleman, having studied many “ologies” including, but not limited too, zoology, psychology, biology, magizoology, geology, dramology, and astrology. It is hard to keep track of which field of study he has his PHd in.

“After covering the SPPP’s exploits journalistically in the field (as The Officially Unofficial Samuel Peaches Peripatetic Players’ Number One Most Honorable Fanboy Co-Traveling Idolater Extraordinaire), it was with great honor that I “joined” the SPPP as their laundry person on a fateful trip to South America. This past season, after many late-night conversations over freshly ironed khakis, Samuel asked me to JOIN join as a full-fledged Player, and I couldn’t be more jubilant!

I most enjoy my time with Thumper. Her mechanical mind is masterfully meticulous, and I find it endlessly fascinating! I also enjoy long, long talks with Mr. Meekins. Philosophizing at its funkiest!

If the SPPP were to perform in the Southeast Asian marvel of Angkor Wat, I would finally be able to complete my doctoral thesis in Templeology. So…I would love to perform in Cambodia with the troupe!”

I knew I finally “made it” when Samuel stopped asking me to wash, starch, press, and fold each of his socks…individually.

Yours Personally,

Percival P. Perkins, PHd”

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